Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Shopping for boy's bedding is difficult.  Actually, shopping for anything for a boy is a bit on the difficult side.  If you have girls you have unlimited options for clothes, toys and anything you could think of to decorate a bedroom from a baby to a teen.  Boys on the other hand, that is much more difficult.  The options are so limited.

While I hold the final decorating say-so of my oldest son's bedroom, I don't want it to look like a 20 year old's room.  I've know people who do this and it makes me batty.  He's 8.  His room should be a creative space that encourages his imagination and he feels comfortable.  It should not be void of him and his personality.  This really shouldn't be that difficult.  Oh, but it is.

He's at that kind of awkward stage being 8.  He's not yet a big boy but certainly isn't going to want his room covered in things he perceives as baby things (even if he still likes them himself). 

I have looked all over for new bedding for his room and I think we may finally have some options we can both agree upon.

The first has the orange he would like to keep because of the school colors.  I think we could do something a little fun and funky with this.  I think we can come up with a nice combination of vintage and modern that we will both like.
The second option I can see a million ideas for in my head already, khaki walls, vintage pennants, maybe a couple of vintage footballs for fun.  I am also a little partial to the Tommy Hilfiger bedding.  Not because of the brand name but because of the durability of the bedding and boys are destructive.

Decisions, decisions.

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