Friday, August 19, 2011

Pottery Barn Insipired Appocathary Jars

A few months ago this set of jars in the Pottery Barn catalog caught my eye. 

I had noticed them before but did not have much use for them in our tiny house with our very tiny bathroom.  For sure they would have fallen to their destiny and shattered into a million pieces.  But, when we decided to move and I was getting a much larger bathroom they crept back into my mind.  Surely I would never spend $35 - $45 per jar but decided they looked to be easy enough to replicate.

After a quick search on I was able to find a set of three jars for less than the cost of one Pottery Barn jar.  A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for etching cream and a trip to my mom's to borrow her Cricut and I was set.

First, I had to figure out how to use the Cricut.  Considering I never read instructions and prefer the "Christen by Fire" method on everything, this proved to be the most difficult part of the entire project.  The little critter on the side of the box looks so innocent, how hard could it be?  Without reading, moderately.

I used the Cricut to make a stencil of the monogram.  After adhering the stencil to the glass I put on a layer of etching cream.  (I made a 1" stencil for the smallest jar, 1 1/4" for the middle and 1 1/2" for the largest jar.)

Here's the etching cream I used.  Yes, $8.50 for three little ounces.  The bottle said to leave the cream on for 5 minutes for it to etch.  It actually took around 10 or maybe a little longer.  So to save yourself from washing and reapplying 3 times - just go for 10.

After the etching cream has sat for the required time you simply rinse the cream off to get to your final product.

This set should look rather cute in the bathroom filled with cotton balls, swabs and bath salts once I get the bathroom decorated.


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  1. LOVE this! I've been purchasing apothecary jars at my local Goodwill store. I want to add something to them to personalize them. I'll follow your lead and do an etched monogram.