Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Table & Chairs!

This weekend I spent the majority of my time working in the kitchen.  It is coming along... slowly, but coming along. 

One item that really needed to be addressed was our kitchen/dining set.  Our old set was a square antique table that I had picked up at a yard sale years ago with chairs that I brought home from work.  I had been okay with this set for some time.  I liked the natural patina of the table after it's years of abuse and the chairs were a major upgrade next to what we had previously and I liked the look of the old with the new.

However, due to the logistics of our kitchen at this house the square table was not working out... at all.  Getting around the table was impossible and just too cramped.  So I decided I would look for a round pedestal table to fill this space.  Normally I have tons of these at work that can be given away for free but of course, once I was looking for one, there were none to be found.  So I started my search on Craigslist and found the perfect table for what I wanted to do.

Don't mind the pitching machine, bats, golf clubs, basketballs and other odds and ends on my porch.  I've given up asking for it to be put away for the summer.

I knew I wanted the pedestal of the the table to be black so I removed the top and took the base outside for a quick washing, sanding and a few coats of paint.

Once I put the table back together it was perfect.  I had thought about changing the top of the table to a darker stain but decided that I liked the color as is. 

After finishing the table I moved on to the chairs.
Please ignore the ugly chair in the background - it's a project sitting in my dining room that I intend on getting to some day - the Diego playing cards... I have no excuse.  They had been sitting on the floor for several days at this point.  But anyway... the green chairs... theses are a set of chairs that came from a very high end furniture store in our area a few years ago.  I scored them for free when the home they were in sold and the new owner wanted to dispose of them.  They are green with factory distressing, the food and slop marks are Coffey household destroying - it's kind of like distressing but without a stopping point.

After several really good scrubbings the chairs were finally able to be sanded and ready to paint.

I used my favorite black spray paint to do this.

And I think it turned out lovely.

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  1. These turned out great! I'm tackling my dining room table and chairs this week :) Looking forward to seeing how your home progresses!