Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Kitchen

When we bought this house we certainly weren't purchasing it for the house it was but for the house it could be. 

I have been working on the kitchen since about day... 3.  Six months later I am still not finished but am trying to get back on track.  There were several obstacles in the way on getting this project completed such as life in general.  At any rate, somewhere in the middle of the kitchen not being completed I completely switched gears on the direction of what I wanted.  This may or may not have been influenced by my husband telling me daily that he hated my wall color choice.

This is how my kitchen started.  Like I said... I was looking at the potential in the house.

Yes, those are Michigan blue and gold cabinets and walls.  Absolutely putrid.

This is the other side of the room.

Not any better I know.

This far end is our little kitchen eat in or dining area.  Looks just like something out of Better Homes and Gardens doesn't it!

Somewhere there is a 'what the heck did we do!' picture of my husband sticking his head in the itty bitty wall oven.  Yes, our closing day was special.

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