Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kitchen Progress

Over the past several weeks the kitchen has made some great progress.  It still has a long way to go but it is looking much better.  Almost like a real kitchen.

I decided I would try and salvage the cabinets before replacing them because they were structurally perfect.  I stripped away the yellow and blue paint and gave them a fresh coat of my favorite white paint.  New hardware has been added and it looks fantastic.  I love the look of the white cabinets with the dark hardware but I worry about white cabinets in a house with three boys.  I am constantly cleaning up spills or dirty fingerprints.

The new stainless steel appliances are fan-freaking-tastic.  LOVE!  Minus the fingerprints and constant cleaning and polishing.

And the new floor!  It couldn't be more perfect, the color and how it contrasts with the cabinets and appliances.  So pretty.

The new counters are also wonderful.  No more 1970's blue and gray speckled counter tops.

With any luck, this room may be completed by Christmas.

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