Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am on a quest to organize my home, my family and my life. I am hoping that this will help to reduce the number of times we are running out the door to a baseball game that 'mom forgot about' in wet uniforms with me clipping behind three angry boys yelling back 'It's hot out! They will dry quick!' (In my defence, on top of being a mom of three boys, I work full time at my 'real job', spend most weekend with my small photography business, have an inability to say no so constantly have other people's children, have two houses to deal with as we are turning our prior home into a rental property, a husband who travels constantly for work and just have an unbelieveable amount of laundry to deal with each week.)

So I am going to put together a family calender. It is best that this information finally come out of my head and be where the rest of the family can see it, if they so chose to that is. But beyond appointments, games and practice schedules, I want this calender to also contain our meal plan, witch we currently do not have, but I will, when I get my calender figured out.

On my hunt for the perfect family calender I came across some great ideas. But dry erase boards or small memo pads just aren't going to cut it in this house. What I am looking for not only needs to be completely practical... it must have some sort of design element to it. Welcome my insparation, Martha Stewart. Hmmm... not exactly what I am looking for but I do think this is quite an adorable idea. With some of my own variations and I think I can come up with something quite swell.

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