Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Dining Room

Do you ever roam aimlessly from one room to the next in your house starting projects and leaving a wake of half completed rooms in the process?
This is my problem.  I constantly do this.  But, in a house that needs EVERYTHING one thing flows to the next and the next and nothing ever seems to get completed.
Recently I started working in my dining room (again), that then lead me to the living room, swapping bedrooms around and now a home office.   Funny how painting one little room created such havoc.
This is how our dining room looked when we first moved in. 
I painted over this color right away and removed the carpet expecting to find a matching hardwood floor to the living room.
Well, sorta wrong.  The floor was under there but first I needed to remove the very old and smelly black padding that was glued to the floor to get to it.
Anyway, the floor is a whole 'nother post.
My first paint color choice for this room was an epic fail.  It took me several months to find what direction I wanted to go in there.  I kept trying for blues and grays but realized, they do not work for me.  I love them, just not in this house.
So the dining room sat.
And sat.
And sat.
For a year.
All the while I had been collecting things here or there when I spotted a good deal or saw something I liked.
I found these chairs along the way.
And this buffet.
So after a year of the dining room being nothing more than a great room to practice your Ninja moves without worry of bumping into anything... I got started.
I painted, I cleaned, I got rid of crap I dropped in the room because I just didn't know what to do with it, but... then I found something I can't just get rid of... my husband! 
We have a very large computer armoire that sits in the dining room that he spends hours at working or doing homework for his Master's Degree.
That's a dilemma.
I needed to find somewhere else to stick him.
So, that is how we come to swapping bedrooms and working on a home office. 
All of that because I wanted to paint the dining room and make it into a useful space.
So, I still can't complete the dining room until I evict my tenant in the corner.  But, today the dining room is looking something like this...

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