Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Fun

This summer has passed so quickly! 

I'm not sure where to start to explaining my compete absence.

Our time has been spent running from one activity to the next.  Primarily baseball and swimming.  Big time killers.  Three kids in three leagues, and three classes... you get the picture.

Next, I decided to buy the kids one of those horrible ugly blue pools that you see in yards.  I cannot believe how many hours I spend working on, cleaning or occasionally laying in this pool!

My garden... okay, I lie, that consumes none of my time.  It is a horrible overgrown, full of weeds mess that I never would have planted had I known how much time the pool would consume.

Reading, I have spent hours reading this summer.  I've read some very good books, some hyped up okay books and some that I just could not wait to reach the end.

And finally, I have not had Internet for over 2 months!  Okay, sort of.  I have not had wireless for over two months, and I only use wireless.  We are very territorial over electronics in my home, my husband and I refuse to share.  So... over two months.... possibly longer now that I think about it... without checking blogs, Facebook or general dinking around.  Since he had access on his desktop, this was not a priority to him and this drug out forever. 

But!  With all of that time I had on my hands without Internet access... I was able to start into some much needed projects!

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