Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowman Shirt

Do you ever read Megan at Brassy Apple? 

I love her!  She has the most fantastic ideas for re-purposing clothing, sewing patterns or just randomly awesome ideas.  And lets not forget... her style! 

A couple of weeks ago she posted her snowman shirt.

I fell in love.  I needed to make one for my youngest.  I showed him and he was so excited to help make it.  So we bought a long sleeve white tee, found some fabric and buttons and got to work.

This is such a super easy and quick project!
Cut your fabric into the shape of the nose and adhere it to the shirt with fusible web.  I then zig-zag stitched around the nose for a cleaner look and added the buttons for the eyes and mouth. 

So quick!  So easy!

We did the shirt last night in about an hour.  I had never used the fusible web before so I had to read the instructions 50 times to make sure I was doing it properly... and besides wrecking a bath towel because I was too lazy to pull out the ironing board... super easy!

The buttons were a little tricky.  They kind of floated off a little further than I would have liked.  My middle son would like one too so I think I may try taping the buttons in place and then sewing them on his so that they don't seem to get away from me again.

My youngest was so excited to wear his new snowman shirt to school today and was so proud to tell everyone that he helped make it!

For Megan's full tutorial click here.

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