Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First Day Off!

Tomorrow is my first day off in months! 

I mean I've had days off but normally my days off are; favors for other people, photo shoots, babysitting, helping with random things I'm asked, house cleaning, laundry doing, kid running, husband packing, lawyer appointment, estate settling, never doing what I want days off.

Tomorrow I am spending the day going places I want and doing things I enjoy and I just might let my husband come along for the company.  If he can be good.  Well... I guess he's coming since the day ends with a doctors appointment and I will need him for a ride home because I might not feel particularly great.  But he better be up to be a girlfriend for the first half of the day and a husband for the second!

But!  Other than the visit to the doctor, it will be a day of thrift and craft stores for me!  I can't wait.  It has been months since this girl who shopped thrift stores back when they were tabu has walked into a Goodwill.  I have shopped Goodwill for over 20 years.  My dad found this particularly entertaining when I was in high school and was voted 'Best Dressed' and often teased he would let the secret out, that I was sneaking off to Goodwill for clothes while everyone else was going to the mall.

So, tomorrow is MY day!

Wish me luck on finding lots of treasures!

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