Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Free Printables

After looking further into the Accountable Kids program and some other behavior and chore systems that are out there I decided that I am far too picky to hang three little pine peg racks with ugly little cards on my walls.  I just will never be able to bring myself to do such a thing.  Even if I hung it in the ugly bathroom, I would still have to see it and I would ultimately hate it and take it down.  Making the whole plan worthless.

So I have decided that I am going to create my own system for our house. 

Okay, first let me say that my kids heads do not spin around, they do not spew green vomit or float to the ceiling while attacking anyone who dares to enter their room.  They are good kids.  They are actually GREAT kids.  Right now we are all just going through a bit of a tough transition since my father's death a couple of months ago and I think it's bringing some trouble out.  Hopefully this system will start to get the little bit of anger and aggression that we are seeing under control.  Unfortunately, this aggression and inability to listen is not taking place at home but rather at school where it is out of my control. 

The system that I will be using for my kids is for behavior, routine and chores.  Each item completed will be assigned points and x amount of points will translate to tickets.  Tickets can then be turned in for privileges or prizes.  Privileges and prizes are assigned ticket values.  Easy.  Lots of work to put together.  But easy.

My kids are pretty excited about the idea of this program.  This week we are practicing while we wait for mom to finish getting things together.  Hopefully it only takes a week to compile everything I need.  They went to their rooms last night and turned in all of their video games and controllers and did so willingly!  Apparently the grand prize of a weekend at a water park is a great motivation. (We are actually planning this but they don't need to know that.)

I thought I would share my program as I put it together.  I made the tickets that the kids will use to turn in for video game time, movie rentals, sleepovers with friends, water park weekend (they are allowed to pool tickets for big items such as this) and whatever else I think of.  I was surprised when I was looking for tickets to steal  borrow for my kids that this was hard to find something I could just print out and go. 

Enter my tickets...

My tickets are standard business card size.  I have sent my tickets into my printers to be printed on actual business cards so that they will last longer.  Plus, 300 business cards costs about $30 compared to the price of the ink in the printer... no brainer for me.

I am attaching the tickets in two ways, the single ticket form that you can copy and download to Vista Printing or another online printer if you choose or a full sheet of tickets that can be printed and cut out individually.

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